You NEED to know this about the WESTERN FIRES (Wildfires Explained)

You NEED to know this about the WESTERN FIRES (Wildfires Explained)

You NEED to know this about the WESTERN FIRES (Wildfires Explained)

How did the issue of fires become political? The democrats seem to shout “It’s climate change,” and Trump says it’s the states mismanaging the forests. Why can’t we agree? Who isn’t looking at the science best?

That is what this video is about and it’s a monumental video for me to put together. It took us several months to make and we traveled across the entire west to make it. In fact 20 of the fire managers didn’t even make our video (but will be in short little interviews to come).

I hope this helps you understand the basics of western fires and maybe even appreciate fire a bit better. If you learned something, let me know in the comments below.

If you want to see all the shorts I made on this, including 8 scientists that didn’t make the cut, go here: (If you’re a teacher, this is the link to send your students too! It’s a great overview).

A big thanks to all current and future patrons who are helping fund this science and filmmaking outreach via patreon: Because of you I’m spending time during this crisis making sure to get this valuable scicomm out.

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This video was made possible by the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition, my wife Haley Chamberlain Nelson and the USFS.


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