Where Are All The Videos?
Amanita Dreamer

Where Are All The Videos?

Where Are All The Videos?

Website: https://www.AmanitaDreamer.Net

For my other channel where I am not censored:

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If you have questions, see the playlist tab on my channel by topic.

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Amanita Dreamer
PO Box 1131
Ball Ground, GA 30107

My channel discusses Joe Rogan topics, mushrooms, depression, anxiety and panic and medications like benzodiazapenes. Withdrawals can be rough with suicidal ideation and some people use psychedelics, discuss trip reports, alternative therapy natural medicines, nature walks, mental health and psilocybin. Muscimol and ibotenic acid and how to make, prep, dry and use the mario mushroom of lore and ancestors is what we talk about also. Don’t get sick or throw up, decarb correctly. Research on mushrooms, microdosing the fly agaric, harvest dry find forage might be discussed on where to look for the alice in wonderland mushroom that terrance mckenna sometimes discussed. Have no fear about cooking the santa red and white mushroom if it can grow and you pick it cook it and eat it with lemon tek because it won’t kill you and is not deadly according to science and data and correct information. Fly agaric helps with addiction to alcohol, smoke, smoking and withdrawals. Handling with heat properly. Muscarine use recreational might cause thought loops. thank you for reading my keyword tags. 🙂


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