The Nurse Shark is the World's Laziest Shark? Shark Science #1

The Nurse Shark is the World's Laziest Shark? Shark Science #1

The Nurse Shark is the World's Laziest Shark? Shark Science #1

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Science has just discovered the world’s laziest shark. It’s true. That is thanks to Mote Marine Laboratory scientist (and my long time friend from grad school) Dr. Nick Whitney .

Read the study here:

In this video we looked at the newly crowned “world’s laziest shark,” the nurse shark. But just because it’s lazy, does that mean it’s any less important in the ecosystem? Put differently, how do we know how important sharks are in their environment?

It’s easy to get into an argument about how important something is without ever really knowing the science. How many times have you heard that sharks are important. Without them the ecosystem may collapse, right? But how do we know?

Of course we understand that the importance of an animal is a lot of factors. Here, we’re getting down and dirty with the science.

Remember, this is a four-part series. More shark scientists and shark-science videos are here:

This research was conducted at mote marine laboratory ( It was also funded by the National Science Foundation.

Jonas and I want to give special thanks to: Nick Whitney, Karissa Lear, Jack Morris, and everyone else we met at the MOTE MARINE LABORATORIES.

Shot by Jonas Stenstrom, Rob Nelson.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate

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