The Matter Song – A Science Music Video by Untamed Science K-5

The Matter Song – A Science Music Video by Untamed Science K-5

The Matter Song – A Science Music Video by Untamed Science K-5

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What is matter? We’ll sing you the answer. This video gives lots of visual examples and drives home the definition of matter for students learning this for the first time… or for anyone who might have forgotten. It is part of a set of 48 music videos made by Untamed Science for incorporation into the K-5 Science Curriculum in Pearson Publishing textbooks. Each music video appears at the end of a 3-4 minute adventure video that revolves around that subject. The series is available through Pearson Publishing.

This video features Masami Rodriguez, Walter Rodriguez, Rob Nelson and Haley Chamberlain. It was shot in Boston, MA. A special thanks to Lauren and David Burn for housing and feeding (holy yum can this woman cook!) weary travelers.

Music and lyrics were written Walter and Masami Rodriguez. Vocal recording and final mixing by Christian Chamberlain. Video editing by Matt Browning.

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