The Incredible Underground Mushroom Networks

The Incredible Underground Mushroom Networks

The Incredible Underground Mushroom Networks

There’s a subterranean landscape that exists below us, and it is fascinating.
Mycelium networks play a hugely important role in ecosystems of all kinds, and we’re only starting to dig into how critical it is that we protect and understand these amazing organisms. In this video, I talk about the organization that is dedicated to protecting mycelium systems around the world: SPUN (the Society for Protection of Underground Networks)

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:08 What Are Fungal Networks?
1:56 The Importance of Fungal Networks
2:19 Saprobic vs Mycorrhizal Mycelium
2:48 Symbiosis… kind of
3:54 Gourmet Mycorrhizal Mushrooms
4:08 The Human Benefits of Mycorrhizal Networks
4:17 Carbon Sequestration
6:27 Mineral & Nutrient Foraging
7:21 Supporting Ecosystem Biodiversity
8:03 Threats to Mycorrhizal Systems
9:39 SPUN: Who Are They?
10:20 Mycorrhizal Mapping Project
11:24 FREE E-BOOK!


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