The Grand Teton in 3D: GoPro Hero3 3D-Rig

The Grand Teton in 3D: GoPro Hero3 3D-Rig

The Grand Teton in 3D: GoPro Hero3 3D-Rig

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If you have any sort of 3D glasses, I recommend watching this in 3D. It looks pretty awesome!

The Grand Teton ascent was made possible via a 3D GoPro Hero3 Rig – Black edition. The whole rig was provided by GoPro as part of a competition (we got 2nd place). For those of you wanting to do this yourself, they promised us that it will be available in January 2014.

Special thanks to Michelle Lotker, Jonas Stenstrom, Rob Nelson, and Louise Fornander for all their help on this expedition and climbing trip.

Oh, and I’m sorry that we didn’t get any footage of the summit, the belly crawl, or the chimney. A storm approached quickly and we had to stop our summit attempt around the upper saddle. Next time…

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