The Curious Parent: Our New Channel!

The Curious Parent: Our New Channel!

The Curious Parent: Our New Channel!

A big thanks to all current and future patrons who are helping fund this science communication outreach via Patreon:

If you have followed Untamed Science over the last several years, then this set of parent videos makes a lot of sense. If you are coming to the site for the first time, welcome! Here’s a little sum-up:

Haley and I are science filmmakers with biology backgrounds. We are in our 30s, making babies, and raising our family. So naturally, we’re fascinated and gung-ho about the science of our everyday lives—children, birth, pain, joy, sleep, not sleeping, what our kids eat—basically anything that happens. For us, it’s really fun (and sometimes useful or comforting) to ask lots of questions and talk to the top researchers in these fields about the science.

Here is the New Channel Link:

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Our GEAR ————
Main DSLR:
Second Camera:
Main Lens:
The Adventure Camera Bag:
The Macro Lens:
Telephoto Lens:
Our Mega Wide Lens:
Our BEST On-camera Mic:
The Drone:
My Moving Timelapse Setup:
GoPro HERO 7:
Our Filmmaking Book:
Our Music:
The full video setup:
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On Social ————–
Instagram: (Jonas @behindthescience)
YouTube: (for most of my work)

Here are more links to our work:

If you’re new to filmmaking, explore our series on Basic Photo and Video Techniques:

Our behind-the-scenes YouTube Channel:

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