The Cleat Hitch: How to tie up your boat to the dock

The Cleat Hitch: How to tie up your boat to the dock

The Cleat Hitch: How to tie up your boat to the dock

Today, I’m looking at what feels to me like a standard outdoor skill, but unbelievably most people I meet seem to get it very wrong. I mean, you can argue about the “proper” way to do the hitches on a cleat, but in the end they’re all pretty similar and will hold your boat well. I made this so if you go to the boat docks, you’ll at least make it look like you know what you’re doing.

Specifically here I’m talking about how to tie your boat up to a cleat. Detailed views at 3:32 if you’re coming just for that.

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Also, thanks to Sgt. Dirth and the NH Marine Patrol for their help with this one!

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