Mycelium Technology: What Materials Will Mushrooms Replace?

Mycelium Technology: What Materials Will Mushrooms Replace?

Mycelium Technology: What Materials Will Mushrooms Replace?

Mushrooms are incredibly versatile, and innovative minds are starting to explore the amazing potential of fungi to replace common materials used in clothes, packaging, buildings—and even coffins.

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0:32 What Is Mycelium?
2:00 Mushroom Packaging
3:53 Aerial Mycelium Farming Technology
6:31 Mushrooms As A Meat Replacement
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The secret lies in the special properties of mycelium.

Sustainability — Mycelium can be grown on a wide variety of substrates, including food scraps and agricultural waste. These fascinating fibers are also able to break down toxic substances to actively clean up the environment.

Efficiency — Mushroom materials grow in large quantities in a matter of weeks—or even days.

Customizability — If you put mycelium and substrate into a mold, you can create pretty much any shape. Playing around with substrate types and growing conditions changes the texture and density of the final material.

As development matures and mushroom materials become stronger and longer lasting, they’ll be even better for the environment. After all, the less you have to buy, the fewer resources are needed for production.


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