Mushrooms Growing In The Darndest Places

Mushrooms Growing In The Darndest Places

Mushrooms Growing In The Darndest Places

Someone forgot to tell these mushrooms that they need perfect conditions…

0:00 Intro
0:26 Mop Mushrooms
1:06 Window Oysters
2:05 RV Mushrooms
3:11 Floorboard Oysters
4:05 House Oysters
4:30 Ganoderma Patio
6:06 Toilet Mushrooms
6:37 Toilet Reishi
7:53 Exit Sign Oysters
8:38 Something To Worry About?
10:33 Thrive 6

1 – Mushrooms Growing On A Mop

Mushrooms grew on this mop from mycology

2 – Window Oysters:

Mushroom growing out of my window. After getting rid of them they have grown back. I live in northern FL, from ShroomID

3 – RV Mushrooms:

Look at this MASSSIVE mushroom growing in my RV. Anyone know what it is? from ShroomID

4 – Floorboard House Oysters:

Was told to post this here! Seems to be oyster mushrooms growing through the floor from mycology

5 – More House Oysters:

That spore print from BathroomShrooms

6 – Ganoderma:

Growing INSIDE, in Florida. At a loss of what to do or if I should be concerned. from whatisthismushroom

7 – Bathroom Toilet Shrooms:

Y’all know if these mushrooms of mine are edible? from mycology

8 – Reishi In A Toilet?

I’m a plumber and I pulled this thing out of a toilet. It’s about 27 inches long and it feels very soft. I’ve never seen anything like it. What is it? from whatisthisthing

9-Exit Sign Oysters:

When you ask for a sign from BathroomShrooms


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