Mosquito Disease Transmission Explained

Mosquito Disease Transmission Explained

Mosquito Disease Transmission Explained

Did you know there are chickens placed throughout the country that are basically used as “bait” for mosquitoes? If a disease is in the area they can find it. They’re sampled every other week to see if there is mosquito born disease, much like a canary in a coal mine! This blew my mind but is so ingenious.

This is the second video in a four part series I did with Florida to try and educate people a bit about disease transmission, mosquitoes and the personal responsibility people actually have to try to limit these insects around their home. All of this was originally based on the Zika scare a couple years ago, and for good reason. Zika is transmitted by a mosquito we have throughout the southern US! The only reason it’s not a problem is that it’s not currently spreading and that mosquito control is really on top of this issue. But, it very quickly could be a problem again and we wanted to get some information out there and readily available for the public to have access to.

Thanks again for following along on some of the biodiversity work I’m doing. I’m trying to get as much good science out there as I can. I’ll continue to do videos in my spare time as well. Let me know in the comments if there is a particular video you’d like to see me cover.

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