How the NC Zoo Saves 100K a Year! The Science of Compost

How the NC Zoo Saves 100K a Year! The Science of Compost

How the NC Zoo Saves 100K a Year! The Science of Compost

Every year the NC Zoo composts 2,000 tons of waste a year. This results in about 600 tons of soil and saves the zoo about a 100K dollars a year by keeping it in house.

I worked on this in tandem with the zoo staff to help show a bit about how composting works. My hope was that it would serve as a good introduction to composting. Then, I made a short add-on video that talks about how you could compost at home and why it’s easier than you think:

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If you’re a teacher or are interested in MORE DETAIL ABOUT THE SCIENCE – check out this in-depth article we wrote with more videos:

The Science of Compost

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