How do we #SaveTheWorld – Rob Nelson's Vlog

How do we #SaveTheWorld – Rob Nelson's Vlog

How do we #SaveTheWorld – Rob Nelson's Vlog

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Have you ever thought about how we might #savetheworld – ? How do you even answer that? The first thing you have to do is understand who you’re talking to. Are you talking to the president or a student in a classroom? I believe the answer depends a lot of the ability of the person. But, let’s take the high-level approach. What can be done? What is the real problem? Here is my stab at that question.

I’d like to hear from you. Write your answer in the comments below. Do you agree with me? Watch the other YouTubers and let me know if they have a better solution to this question. Remember, tag your response as #savetheworld in social media, and we’ll follow what you’re doing.

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