Dear Women in Science…

Dear Women in Science…

Dear Women in Science…

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What advice to you give other women in science? Haley got the chance to visit the California Academy of Sciences for the #SciWomen16 Summit. Here is what the women there had to say.

Here are the women in order of appearance:
Haley Chamberlain Nelson
Emily Graslie
Perrin Ireland
Meg Lowman
Ann Russel
Heather Tallis
Sylvia Earle
Michelle Trautwein
Megan Wilkinson
Misha Leong
Kathy Sullivan
Carla Sette
Liz Taylor
Shannon Bennet
Anika Kapan
Annika Min
Shaila Kotadia
Justine Hausheer
Joan Roughgarden
Rita Mehta
Karina Chavarria
Madeline Foster-Martinez
Andrew Collins
Tracy Gatumu
Jane Goodall

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