Bats vs White-Nose Syndrome: What We Know!

Bats vs White-Nose Syndrome: What We Know!

Bats vs White-Nose Syndrome: What We Know!

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This week I was able to investigate the white-nose syndrome that is killing the bats slowly but surely. For those of you that don’t know, the basics of this syndrome is that it’s a fungus that grows on the skin of bats. While not all bats die from it, it is killing a large percentage of them. This happens by disrupting their normal hibernation. They get agitated and wake up, thus using vital energy reserves. But not all bat species are the same. Some seem to be somewhat immune.

I wanted to explore in this video the current understanding of this fungus and try to figure out what researchers are looking at to help them in the future.

Special Thanks and Credit to those helped. Including:

Shot near Clemson University with:
Susan Loeb
Pallavi Sirajuddin

Skype session with
Dan Wilson

Extra video and stills from Anna Doty

Awesome Video by Jonas Stenstrom
Produced by Rob Nelson

Special thanks to the USFS Southern Research Station

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