Amanita Muscaria And Eyesight
Amanita Dreamer

Amanita Muscaria And Eyesight

Amanita Muscaria And Eyesight

My notes on the research. There is limited research on this but I leave some links here for further study. My supposition on this is that since part of the fight or flight system is to create visual acuity and improve eyesight during a flight or fight response and since benzodiazapenes and other similar drugs cause a worsening of eyesight, that since muscimol and ibotenic acid help to mediate the fight or flight response it would not be surprising for them to affect eyesight. There are no studies on ibotenic acid and the human body other than the one about injections into the body with no nuerotixicty which I have several videos about. And the effects we see from the studies here are temporary effects, there are no studies to explain my long term visual improvement.
Higher doses of muscimol will blur vision while on it and it returns to normal later. This makes me think that again, like in microdosing, it is adaptive and has short term and long term effects and uses.
this video is merely MY experiences and as such is purely anecdotal. There are so many articles on aging responses and how to alter them and I want to leave them here but YT censors links in descriptions and the more there are the more they censor. There are links inside these studies to help you find more to read.

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