5-MeO-DiPT Trip Report: 'Sitting in the Fox Hole'

5-MeO-DiPT Trip Report: 'Sitting in the Fox Hole'

5-MeO-DiPT Trip Report: 'Sitting in the Fox Hole'

*This video does not advocate any of the following behaviour and is intended for education on substance use. Do not attempt to recreate anything in the video.*

A very early upload from Erowid in 2003 has the psychonaut take a look at a relatively new research chemical from the time. Alongside this, they also come to the revelation of the profoundity of Tool’s music, particularly the EP ‘Opiate’.

Original report: https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=22114

Gameplay footage from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGUr__VNAyI&t=497s&ab_channel=FAGAMEZ

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